Get your Business Going Global
Are you a business owner and you want to increase your productivity, by putting your business on the world map? Whether you have startup or established company, no matter where it is located, you can have your own unique US / Canada / UK Number or can choose from list of Available countries to get your Number /Numbers. Publish your numbers on Your website or Distribute to your clients. Our service will make it possible for your clients to reach you regardless of your location by calling the Local number in there Country. Imagine you had always been dreaming to get Business from China, while sitting in any other country. Now simply Buy a China Number and publish number on your website & all people in China would be able to call you directly by Dialing China number and you receive calls sitting in anywhere in world. Think about it. You'll actually be projecting a big business image, and enjoy telecommunications features and benefits previously beyond the reach of a small business running a modest budget. Yet, your monthly phone costs will remain low – perhaps even less than they were before Incoming calls can be routed to :

  • Mobile Phone (low call Forwarding Rate will apply, click Rates to check)
  • Land Line (low call Forwarding Rate will apply, click Rates to check)
  • iTalk Account(No Call forwarding Rate)
  • Mobile VoIP (No Call forwarding Rate)

No hardware to purchase, no switching of business phone systems provider and a full list of valuable features